Guardian Program

In an effort to ensure all my dogs live a pampered life with their very own forever family,
we have implemented our Guardian Program!

The Basics Of Our Guardian Program
My Guardian Program allows for local families to have a "pick of the litter puppy", or top
notch adolescent/adult breeding dog at no cost.
In order to be a breeder of quality dogs and add quality bloodlines I need to keep a few of
my pick puppies to monitor and evaluate their growth and development before I add them
to my strict breeding program.
I believe  a Labrador needs to be part of a family to develop their full potential. I don't want
my fur babies to grow up in a kennel situation, this is why I have the Guardian Program.
I am giving the best of my bloodlines to the Guardian family to raise, love and keep as a
member of their family.
This is a "win-win" situation for everyone involved.
The family receives a quality, top pick dog for their forever pet, I am able to breed and
improve my bloodlines, and most important, the dog lives in a forever home, receives
one-on-one attention, training, care and all the LOVE they deserve.
This plan is being used by many breeders of all breeds.
Females will return to me when they are in season for breeding, then returned to their
family. About 1 week before her delivery date she will return to me to whelp (deliver)
her puppies and stay with me until the puppies are weaned about 5 to 6 weeks.
I work closely with my Guardian families providing support and guidance along the way.
After she has completed her litters, the mama belongs 100% to the Guardian family.

Please note I am very selective and only qualified families will be approved. I love when
families that already have one of my dogs become a Guardian home.
Our breeding program depends on the quality of care provided, trust and love the Guardian
family provide.

Guardian Program Details
*Guardian must own their own home
*Have a vehicle to transport the dog
*Prior experience with dog ownership
*Be willing to crate and house train the puppy
*Puppy/dog must be taken to obedience training
*Will provide required dog food, flea/tick preventative,
regular vet exams, vaccinations and emergency care when needed
*Fenced yard or be willing to adequately supervise dog at all times when outdoors
*Be able to drive dog to and from my home for breeding and whelping
*Guardian must be able and willing to identify and notify me immediately when
a female begins her heat cycle
*Guardian must communicate, cooperate and coordinate with the breeder
regarding testing, mating, whelping and other breeding related activities

Breeder/Owner Provides
*I will pay for all costs pertaining to breeding, whelping and spay/neuter.
*I will pay for all health certifications needed to be done before breeding.
*The dog will come back to me for delivery and raising of puppies, then once puppies are
weaned the dog will be returned to her family.