How do you know when you are dealing with a
Reputable breeder?

A reputable breeder doesn't make money off breeding their dogs, and the money they do
make should be invested
back into their dogs care and well-being.

A reputable breeder breeds for the
LOVE of their breed(s) and to better them.

When they talk about their dogs, PRIDE, LOVE and KNOWLEDGE should be apparent.

To a reputable breeder, their puppies are NOT a commodity, they are living, breathing
creatures that deserve the best home and life they can provide. Even if that means turning a
prospective home down if they are not confident in them.

Breeding is very expensive, time consuming and heart breaking if done correctly.

A reputable breeder researches breedings, does health screening on all breeding dogs and if
you are lucky, is competitive in some type of competition (confirmation, agility or obedience).

A reputable breeder is very involved in every aspect of the puppies life from the day of his
birth, until he goes to his new home and the rest of his life, with breeder support.
They should always take a puppy back, anytime in their life, if the owner can not keep them, to
avoid that puppy ending up in a shelter.

The (Estimated) Costs Of Breeding Correctly
Cost of the dam~buying a puppy  $1500-$5000
Show Bitch to her championship title~$2000-$10,000
Hips/Elbow OFA Certification~$300
CERF exam~$30 a year
Cardiac OFA~$60
Brucellosis test~$35
Progesterone tests~$42-$300
Stud fee~$600-$2000
Pregnancy x ray~$50
Whelping supplies~$500-up
Vaccinations~$20 per puppy
Wormings~$20 per puppy
Microchips~$20 per puppy
AKC registration~$30-up
Cost of food after 4 weeks of age~$50 per bag
Yearly Club & Membership dues~$200-up
If C-Section is needed~$800-$1500
All the time,care and attention given~priceless

This is just an overview of general costs, not adding in any unseen costs like a sick puppy,
mom's that won't take care of her puppies or develop milk.
There are so many other possible things that could go wrong.
                Backyard Breeder                                       Reputable Breeder                                           

1. Motive for breeding- "Fun", "good for our kids to     
experience", to make money.

2. Breeds the family pet to any dog of same breed.
Has no understanding or concern with genetics,
pedigree or bloodlines.

3. Though the pet (sire or dam) may be loved, they
do not have health clearances done on the dogs they

4. Puppies raised in makeshift accommodations,     
sometimes outdoors, unsanitary conditions.
Indicates lack of long-term investment in breeding
and lack of care for the well-being of puppy.

5. Puppies are priced at the low end of most other    
breeders prices, this is so they can move puppies

6. Are not concerned about puppies future. Does not
sell puppy with Limited AKC registration and does
not sell on a spay/neuter contract. If you cannot
keep the puppy, they won't take it back, tells you to
take it to a shelter or pound or won't return your

1. Dedicated to producing quality dogs and bettering
the breed. Has so much invested in dogs/puppies,
struggles to break even.  

2. Can explain how breeding's are planned and
researched to minimize and maximize certain traits
and qualities.

3. Has all breeding stock OFA/CERF/DNA certified.

4. Has a big investment in accommodations and       
   equipment. Puppies are raised in a sanitary,
warm, safe and loving environment.

5. Puppies are priced at the high end of most breeder
prices. A reputable breeder doesn't profit from the
sale of puppies. They do not advertise in the
newspaper or donate to actions. Has an established
waiting list.

6. After purchase, will help you with grooming and    
training issues. Sells puppies on spay/neuter
contract with Limited AKC registration. Will take the
puppy back if you cannot keep them. Offers life time
breeder support.