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The Labradors coat is pretty much wash-and-wear, but that doesn't mean you don't need to regularly groom your dog. Regularly grooming your dog/puppy improves your bond and gives you an opportunity to spot problems.


Inspecting: Begin a grooming session with a head to toe massage feeling for any lumps, bumps, dry patches, hair loss or anything abnormal.

Brushing: A good brushing once or twice a week with a natural or nylon brush is all your Lab needs to stay clean and their coat healthy. Although daily brushing will be enjoyed and will keep their coat shiny. Brushing stimulates natural oils.


Bathing: Labs don't need to be bathed very often. Labs have an oily undercoat that helps protect their skin. Baby wipes are great for a quick freshing up. Frequent bathing can dry out their skin because it strips their natural oils, that will cause flaky skin. They can swim all day long in lakes and ponds, it's the shampoo that strips the oils.


Ears: Dog breeds with floppy ears, like Labs, are sometimes prone to ear problems. Their ears can be cleaned with a cotton ball or even better are the baby wipes. If you notice excessive shacking of their head or scratching, a bad smell or redness they may have an ear infection and need to be seen by your Veterinarian.


Nails: Keeping your dogs nails trimmed is one of the most important aspects to their grooming. Long nails cause their toes to spay and cause difficulty in walking; can also lead to them becoming lame.


Teeth: Brushing your dogs teeth helps to improve their overall health. Use a soft toothbrush for dogs or children and doggie toothpaste. Never use human toothpaste.


Weekly brushing, nail trims and tooth care will make your dog more accepting to the practice.

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