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Puppy Visitation

Guidelines and Protocol

To protect your puppy, my litters, and adult dogs from communicable diseases, I ask that you adhere to the following visitation guidelines. This is to ensure the safety of the newborn puppies. No puppy sale is worth me losing a litter of puppies because I allowed someone to bring in parvo or kennel cough.

The health and safety of my dogs/puppies is my main concern.

1.  Visitation of puppies will begin after 5 weeks of age. By this time they have acquire good maternal immunity, their eyes and ears are open, and they are playful and personalities are becoming apparent.

Visitors before this age puts unneeded stress on them.

2.  Please DO NOT visit other kennels, the veterinarian, dog park or handle any strange dogs on the day of your visit.

Puppy diseases are easily spread by even the most casual contact. In the best interest of the puppies and adults, we are very careful about preventing the transmission of diseases. I take every precaution to make sure the puppies are not exposed to diseases that can be carried in on shoes, clothes or hands. These diseases can be picked up and carried on your shoes for DAYS from parks, pet stores, rest stops, veterinary office.

Anyone could have stepped in/on saliva, urine, feces from an infected dog.

Parvo-(parvovirus), is a breeder's worst is just one of many viruses that could be carried in and transmitted.

3.  Also I NEVER allow other dogs or animals around my kennel or puppies. Please leave your pets at home, as they will not be allowed out of your vehicle.

Just another precaution for my dogs and puppies.

4.  I do not allow anyone to view my kennel or in an area where I house my puppies.

I don't do this to be rude, I do this for the protection of my dogs and puppies.

My Veterinarian comes to my home often for house calls and I am inspected by the AKC yearly.

5.  To retain some semblance of normalcy in my life and to care for my dogs, I have limited puppy visitation hours.

An appointment must be scheduled in advance.

A lot of time, care and work goes into a litter of puppies. They are on a strict feeding schedule. Their living quarters are bleached and cleaned daily. I also spend lots of time handling, evaluating and giving them lots of love and cuddles daily.

6.  I set up appointments in 1 hour increments with time in-between to give puppies time to rest.

I hope that all my families have the comfort of knowing that their puppy will have the best possible care and protection during the first weeks here with me.

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